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Monday, September 5, 2011

Artsy time with my girls

I love that my daughters are both such creative souls – they love to be drawing, painting, building, and just creating in any way possible. I got them both they’re very own art journals and they are having so much fun with them! Not only has it been wonderful being able to share this passion with my children, it’s wonderful watching them grow through the process. Their creativity, skill level, and happiness are all on the up – and it makes for a very proud mama!


Emily’s approach is to cover as much of the page as possible, and to decorate the newsprint paper too lol She just lights up and is always asking if it’s time for artsy stuff now.


Haylee is much more methodical. She plans out her page before she starts – what she wants to paint, what colours she wants to used and then gets to it. They are both just so different in their approaches, yet the result is the same – happy kids and a happy mum.

Tell me – do you art with your children? What are their favourite creative activities?

Til next time, happy crafting!

Lita xo

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