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Friday, June 25, 2010

One small blankie for bear…

One giant achievement for mummy!
So, when I started the crochet project, the plan was to make a couple of blankies for the girls dolls. I figured the toys wouldn’t care about mangled stitches and a not so square finish. And whaddya know, I was right! I finished my first blankie today and it seems to have been a huge success! I have pics to share, but excuse the poor quality – it was very much a snatch and grab effort. The child is smitten with it and really didn’t want to give it up!

S/W Ver: 96.66.74R
Doesn’t bear-bear look so cozy? lol Now I’m under strict orders to make a pink one for Miss Haylee. The purple and green was originally for her but she changed her mind after she saw the pink wool – she’s her mothers girl!
Have you had any crafty endeavours of late? I’d love to see them – link me up and inspire me! I’ll be back soon with some scrapbook craftiness.
Til next time, take care,
Lita x


Anonymous said...

so cute! What pattern did you use for that? I would love to try it!

Beth said...

that is adorable!!!