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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Bit Of A Yarn

A very clear memory of my childhood is the crochet blanket I use to have on my bed when the weather turned bad. Which, being a Melbourne girl, was something that happened a lot. It's a big, heavy, multi-coloured monster that didn't mean much to me at the time, I must say. But I can remember looking at it and thinking how cool it was that someone had actually made it themselves, and hoping that one day I'd be able to do that myself.

Of course, life happens and little goals like that get swept aside by your first crush, the angst ridden teenage period, those early adult years where you're finding yourself, and now, for me, parenthood. But I have always wanted to learn, it's always been there in the back of my mind. And thanks to a recent post by Jess of Epheriell Designs, my desire to learn was bought back to the surface. Off I went to gather the wool and hook, and begin! Well, I gotta say, it wasn't as easy as Jess & my good friend Donna had made out. I struggled. A LOT. So after a lesson or two with my mum, I tried again. Another epic fail. I cried, I threw the yarn & hook - yes, I had a tantrum, 2year old style lol I just didn't understand why I couldn't do this. So, I gave up for a few days. If in doubt, throw in the towel right? Wrong.

It was still there, niggling and driving me batty. And out of nowhere, Miss Jess posted a link to a tutorial from Meet Me At Mikes. I clicked on it, figuring at the very least it would give me something to do whilst avoiding the house work. Lo and behold - it made sense! Within just a few short minutes, I had completed my first round! And then another, and another! It all just fell into place when I realised each time I had tried, I was leaving out just one step, which threw the entire thing out of whack. Der Lita!

So now, I am on a roll! The girls have put in orders for blankets for their dolls, so that's what I am currently working on. I had planned on taking a picture after every 2 or so rounds, but once I got into the swing of things, I kinda forgot that part! So here is a pic of where I'm at now. It's by no means perfect, but I am ridiculously proud of myself lol A huge shout out to Jess & Donna for encouraging me to keep going, and to Pip for providing the tute that finally made me 'get' it.


Til next time, take care, Lita x

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Faye said...

That is a gorgeous start! You will pick up new stitches like mad now, and be an expert in no time! Keep us posted on your doings, maybe it will encourage me to pick my hook up again, too! :D