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Monday, September 16, 2013

You Have To Be Brave

Wow. I am blown away by the response I’ve received to my latest art journal share. I’ve had quite a few emails and comments here as well as many via others social media outlets.

Melita Bloomer at Artful Fancies- Be Brave

I’ve always believed it is important to share your struggles, whether it be regarding depression or anything else. My theory, as grandiose as it may seem, is that by sharing my troubles, I might be able to help others to know that they are not alone. Even if my words/art resonate with only one person, that is still a difference. It can be scary to open up and admit that you are not ok, but the amazing response I received makes it all worth it.

We are not alone in this world. There are many, many of us struggling to make it through, and we need to support each other if we’re ever going to make it.

Thank you.

Melita xo

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Holly Shaw said...

I do love this. I am curious--is this digital or handmade?

I agree that we do need to support each other. I have learned to appreciate that fact more now that I have moved across the country without knowing a soul but my husband.

Thanks for sharing it!