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Friday, March 15, 2013

Rediscovering Neocolors

I purchased a small set of Neocolors quite some time ago but, like many other things, they'd gotten buried in the clutter that is my studio. I pulled them out tonight and had a play in my little journal. Nothing fancy, just aimless doodling, but it's reminded me how much I love the colours. I really need to bring them out more often.


Hoping to carve out some true art time this weekend, and finally create something from start to finish again. Feels like much too long since I did. But for now, bed. My to do list for tomorrow is ridiculous, I’m battling a cold, AND it looks like I’ll be dragging the Mr to the doc. He went go-karting as a work function and came home with rather sore ribs. Apparently they drive hard lol

Until next time, happy arting!

Melita xo

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