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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dream come true…

For quite some time now, it’s been a dream of mine to one day be published in a magazine, and in particular, many from the Somerset camp. I set myself the lofty goal, with no idea how I would begin to accomplish it. But now, I am beyond thrilled to share with you all that my dream has now come true! Not once, but twice!


Firstly, I was approached to be featured in Art Journaling by Somerset Studio. The Winter 2013 issue hit the stands in January, and I am chaffing at the bit to get my hands on a copy! No luck as yet though.


I also had a few of my digital pieces chosen for publication in the Spring 2013 issue of Somerset Digital Studio. Now, just in case that’s not exciting enough, imagine my thrill at discovering I made the COVER!

*incoming dodgy phone selfie*


See where my finger is pointing? That’s mine! Not ashamed to admit that I let out a high pitched, incredibly girly squeal, followed by a handful or two of tears. I had no idea they’d chosen a piece for the cover, so it made for an incredibly happy mail day indeed. And the day before my birthday too – what a way to celebrate!

I can’t begin to explain the feeling of finally realising my dream. Utter joy comes close lol Now to set my sights higher and make it happen!

I’ve neglected this poor blog over the last few months. Real life, work, my baby starting school…it’s all just gotten in the way of creating in general. But now that I’m getting a routine established, I hope to again be able to share my art with you all, and I hope that you’ll share yours too!

Until next time, happy arting!

Melita xo


Judyknits said...

Very happy for you, Melita!

kate blue said...

awesome x 10! Well deserved! I woulda been shedding some tears too! I think one of my goals for 2014 is SOmerset Memories!